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Fitness Coaching

The Fresh Start Online Fitness Coaching program is designed for the busy adult who wants to get into shape without having to turn their life upside down to make it happen.

Use Moments of Motivation to Build Sustainable Habits in 3 Easy Steps

Motivation is like a strong cup of coffee: Energizing us and altering the state of our brains long enough to get us moving. We feel more optimistic, open, and alert. But what happens when it wears…

Learn. Do. Teach.

What does it take to make a habit last? What is the anatomy of a worthy pursuit? How do we find renewed meaning in the things we do over and over? These are the types of…

You Can’t Possibly Care About Everything

  You shouldn’t feel badly for being selective in what you care about. Instead, there is a more reasonable and sustainable alternative for us all. I will explain what it is and how to implement it…

life Hacks

Everyone has them – little ways to get the most out of something with the least amount of effort. This page is a hub for all the best practices & life hacks I learn.

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